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What is KTD?

It’s a global project launched with a message, “World will never be without tears. Or love,” to connect dogs and their owners around the world through lens. It began in Taiwan in 2013. Exhibitions were held in Taipei and Taichung City, Honolulu, New York City and Tokyo in 2014. And Paris, Firenze, Rome in 2015.

General Flow this Project

It’s simple. I rely on my instinct and just go out on a stroll wherever I visit. 

I ask the owner (and the dog!) if it’s OK to take their pictures together, hugging, holding and kissing. I spend only a few minutes with each subject. At this point, I have only limited information on the cities I’m planning to visit in the future so I’ll use my instincts. When I get to my destination, I’ll wonder out into the city to gather information and search for the locations I like. 

You can check my whereabouts here:

If you have friends, family members, business associates or anyone in the cities I’ll be visiting, please let me know! 

Project in NYC, 2014

About the photo

You can download the photos of you and your best friend from the project’s Official Website (kiss the dog!around the world project). 

Photos may appear in various websites, social media networks and print media to promote the project and its activities. 

Are there any rules?

-Ofcouse, no!

“Kiss the Dog” has no rules. 

It’s OK to kiss and hug. It’s OK to touch and caress. 

It’s OK to just look at each other. 

It’s OK to just stand next to each other, quietly and tenderly.


You don’t have to do what others do.

You don’t have to worry about what others think.

Because there is no rule when it comes to caring for someone who you love. 


I want to show the world the humble yet true love I have for you,

my precious life partner.


There’s so much love around us. 

Love is always there even right at this very moment!



Where did the KTD go?

If you have questions or wish to set up a schedule for a photo session to have pictures taken, please contact me at here!

Project in Rome,2015

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