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Hi there! I 'm Yoko Miyazaki. I love dogs so so much! 

I had a lovely dog, Gorden Retrieber the named "jennifar" about 10 years ago. She liked treat, slippers, food (especialy to chikin), taking a walk, and swimming the river also! But She passed away by Osteosarcom when She was 8 y.o..  I knew that  how she loved me and she loved be with me more than anything from our photo. So, I started to taking the photo dogs & thier owners.


Dogs tell us a lot of thing, laughing, beeing honest, kindness, how to enjoy thier life and unconditional love. 


Every day, we are bombarded with horrible and sad news that are happening all around us. Still, the world is not such a bad place. I want people to know – through my photography – that the world is filled with people who love their dogs and cherish the time to be with them. 


There is nothing flashy about my work but I truly believe that, by continuing on with the “Kiss the Dog” project, I could make the world a better place for all living creatures. 


Your kind cooperation to help me keep the “Kiss the Dog” project alive is much appreciated…


Thank you.



Yoko MIyazaki



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