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Siberian Husky

4 years old / (adoption at March 20.2015)

Q1:Why did you decide to adopt a dog?

Im a dog person and after my dog of 14 years passed I waited a while then I was ready to adopt went to Humane society met Kahn.



Why did you decide to adopt through Humane Society?

We just started searching online and made our way to Humane Society but we were open to others. After dealing with the Humane Society I do see they are very specific about placing and making sure it is a good fit for both animal and owner. I appreciate them taking the time to research my background and being honest about Kahn’s as well.


Q3.What was your first impression of your dog? He was strong willed and felt like he was checking us out to see if we were right for him :)



Q4. What made you pick your dog out of all others?

there was no doubt he was the one the minute we met him.


Q5. Tell us about the first day you brought your dog home. 

There was a period of building trust as expected but it didn’t take long for him to settle in and we feel lucky everyday to have him in our lives. The first day we brought him home it was the first day of Spring and it snowed 6 inches. Perfect weather for a Husky. We took him straight to Central Park and he has gone everyday since then. 


Q6. Please tell us about your dog.

He’s a character! he can be very loving gives kisses then be moody and can’t be bothered. He is determined if he wants something he will let you know about it. He makes us laugh with his stubbornness but is also,very obedient. 



Q7. What’s your dog’s favorite pastime? 

Running wild in Central Park. Chasing squirrels and birds.



Q8. Tell us about the most memorable episodes.

He loves ducks his favorite toy is a stuffed duck. When he first encountered live ducks in the park he ended up chasing them right into the pond. I wasn’t even sure he could swim until this event. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get out on his own but he did and seemed pretty pleased with himself.



Q8. Does your dog do anything to make you smile? 

Everyday! when I wake up to kisses on my face or him lying there in that play dead position cracks me up.


Q9. What does your dog mean to you?

He’s my buddy!


Q10. Any message for your dog? 

Thanks for all the love and happiness. You’re such a good boy!


Irish Setter

age: 6

When I first saw CJ, he had a very unpleasant look in his eyes like he doesn’t trust anyone. I was worried that he may never get used to living in our house. 


CJ seemed to have a comparatively higher IQ than our last dog. He also had very strong self-assertive attitude so we hired a dog trainer. 


When CJ was about 4 months old, he peed in the house after drinking too much water. He had never done that before. He probably felt bad that he went hiding. That was a surprise!


Although his brothers are so-called “surfer dogs,” CJ is afraid of water. It’s funny to see him bark when he sees humans going into the water. 


CJ worked as a model dog and appeared in numerous TV commercials, magazines and photo books. Yes, we have lots of fond memories but that all ended when he became sick. 


A message from CJ’s loving owners:

“I can feel your will to live, CJ. You let our family care for you without making us feeling sad, thanks to your upbeat personality, positive energy and a strong desire for life. It’s been a year since you contracted melanoma. Though your once-beautiful face is showing the signs of deformation, though you now give off the smell of someone gravely ill, your eyes are still as beautiful as ever. I admire you and your life with a bit of sadness in my heart…

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